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All it takes is a fresh coat of paint to instantly improve the look of your property. From the decoration of your property to the complete “exterior painting”, “Atlantic Painters” are experts in “Exterior Painting St George”, Sydney” can give it a fine finish. We feel that the quickest way to up your home’s curb appeal is a fresh coat of paint. We focus on external and internal housing services that have an impact.

If you contact one of our local “exterior painters St George”, then your journey will be smooth and stress-free. We come with highly recommended and could help you with everything from pressure washing to paint selection.

Atlantic Paint also provides a full range of related services, such as deck repair, concrete, and pressure washing. All these services are combined with our core paint and dyeing work, this activity helps our team to achieve the best results for all projects.

Before you start your painting work, it is important to address any required repairs. From installation to deck slat repair work, and even replacement of rotten wood, we can meet all these minor carpentry service needs.

Whether you are looking to paint your house and trying to change the look, or you are simply wishing on trying something new, painting your house’s exterior will make it instantly stand out from your neighbors. If you are planning to sell your house, then painting is the most efficient and fastest way to raise the market value of your house.

But you should understand that an exterior paint job is not an easy process. If you are not an experienced house painter, you may face several problems. Choose us, as our exterior painting service experts can provide a quality paint job.

Top-Notch Exterior Painters St George, Sydney

At Atlantic Painting, we believe in providing five-star quality exterior wall coating services. Our expert team is of painters, estimators, and production managers who commit to completing each job within your time frame and budget.

1. Expert

Atlantic Paint is recognized as a brand in St George, Sydney. We cooperate with professional house painters. They will meet the high standards of our and your project execution and provide you with 100% satisfaction. We have all the things and resources needed for house painting and wallpapering. We have transformed the house painting services with new technology. Perfected all the projects and their management, executed everything smoothly, and remain fluent in the upcoming industry trends.

2. Accessible

We are accessible to our customers. With 24×7 services, we provide a central point of contact with our designated project manager. This outcome will ensure that your project runs smoothly. Throughout your project journey, we will be regularly available to speak with you if you need us.

When you decide to paint your house, the first thing to do is to choose your color. There are many factors to consider when choosing a color to paint the exterior part.

a. Background

Your surrounding will control which paint color you wish to paint on your home’s exterior. You might consider going for a lighter color if your property is covered by a lot of shade. But if you want to blend into the trees, then you might try a darker color. You must think about how you want the exterior side of your house to complement its environment.

b. Constructions

Maybe you have a house with a look of Victorian style or even a traditional colonial. They both are very distinct in architectural styles with different accents and peaks. Anyhow, your property colors can help in drawing attention to specific details of the architecture.

c. Existing Color

You must remember one thing your roof, your driveway, your mulch, and your gravel are not going to change colors whenever you paint. Therefore, you must consider all these factors and how you want your house exterior paint color to highlight these characteristics of your house.

Process Of Exterior Painting St George

There is a lot that goes into painting your home’s exterior. Most likely, it will take more than a weekend. Before painting the exterior side, we wash it. We feel it is best when starting from the top, as all the dirt and grime come down. Then, if there is any loose paint, we will scrape the left. After that sanding is a necessary step if you want to smoother the exterior surfaces.

Before priming the external side, we check for any remaining areas for repairs as they are required to patch up. After that, the surface will be in need to be primed. Each priming is different, and we will show you at every step how many coats are being done or needed. We seal the cracks and corners so that no moisture seeps through. Get in touch today with one of our “Exterior Painting experts in St George, Sydney” or fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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